Estate Planning System

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W. Kendall Brown
AV rated for over 30 years

The goal is simple:
Streamline the process of converting a theoretical financial estate plan into a reality by conveniently providing your clients with quality documents in a timely manner for a reasonable cost.

State-of-the-art technology helps you gather information and the law firm of Brown and Associates continues your services by creating documents which are delivered to you through a secure web delivery system.

Only 3 steps are required:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
You Meet With Client
Gather Information Using DPS
Create Diagram
Send Information To Attorney
Attorney Creates Documents
Using Information Gathered
Calls Client To Confirm Plan
Sends Documents To You
You Meet With Client
Explain Plan To Client
Client Signs Documents

Technology allows complete data privacy while ensuring client follow-through and holding costs low. The following table shows the charges generated for various services and the party who will take financial responsibility for those costs:
Costs And Benefits
Document Cost Who Pays
Will $50 Client
Revocable Trust $50 Client
Irrevocable Trust $50 Client
Powers Of Attorney $10 Client
Use Of Estate Planning System $50 You
Optional Costs
Use Of Estate Planning Client Book System $50 per month You
Client Phone Call >15 minutes $300/hour Client

Try a demo of the estate planning system today
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See how easy it is to collect client information
Use System
Use Estate Planning Client Book Demo
See how easy is it to receive documents
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